General Rules Working Safely with Industrial Chemicals

When you’re going to be around industrial chemicals, safety is a top priority. If the they are not handled safely, there can be very negative consequences. In most cases, there will be defined safety plans when you’re going to be around these hazards, but there are general things to know when chemicals are involved.

chemicals containerRules and Regulations

Depending on the chemicals that will be present, there will be specific rules in place to prevent accidents from occurring. While knowing specific rules is important, it’s also important to remember that a standard operating procedure should be in place as a way to handle any situation that may arise. The standard operating procedures can include proper clothing, use of equipment, safe handling, and the correct disposal methods. These rules will typically be posted around the area where these substances are handled will be in many forms, such as signs or flip charts.


Another important aspect of being safe around chemicals is ensuring that there is proper air flow for that area. Ventilation systems will allow fresh air to come into the area limiting the harmful fumes that stay in the area. An exhaust system is very important and should be properly maintained. The quantity of substances in an area can also determine the standard required ventilation system to keep the area safe for workers.


When working with chemicals, keeping a clean area is very important. The floors should always remain dry and free of debris to prevent falls. There should be non-slip mats in areas where spills could frequently occur. These mats will allow the handler to leave the area to clean the spill without slipping on moisture. Crowded spaces in an area can cause more spills to occur as items can accidentally be knocked over. It’s ideal to put things away as you are finished with them. This will not only allow you to keep an ample amount of work space but it will keep things safer. If a disposal needs to be done, there should be designated areas for safe disposal. Drains should never be used unless the drain leads to a waste area, such as a bucket.

Certain chemicals can be very harmful if improperly handled. Even if it’s not considered harmful on its own, mixing can create all new issues in a workplace. Following the rules in place can prevent major problems from occurring and keep the workplace safe.